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Fourthguides was created to facilitate the creation of a more balanced world, one regular folk at a time. No gimmicks, know-it-all solutions, annoying fads or conspiracies. It’s based on simple principles, common sense, pragmatic approaches, personal responsibility and human development that helps to bring the best out in individuals, organisations, and businesses.

So who are we?

For a while David and I have found ourselves living on the fringes of society, never quite able to work out where it was we were meant to fit, or even if we ever would. Despite obtaining masters level qualifications and establishing professional careers in healthcare and IT, we both struggled intensively with the shortsightedness of these roles, the lack of autonomy in management and the missed opportunities to do things better.

We have always played the broad and long game, carefully considering how our decisions and actions impacted the big and the small, the local and the global, the short and the long term, the micro and the macro. We have carefully considered the true meaning of diversity, the inevitability of inequality and the inability to eradicate evil. 

Thinking deeply about everything has felt to be a curse for much of our lives. We have always seen ahead of the curve, not because we carry some great fortune telling gift, but simply because the potential roads that lie ahead are largely governed by the choices we have made and are all making now. Cover the countryside with pesticides repeatedly throughout the year and you are soon going to begin affecting insect populations and the rest of the ecosystem that relies upon them. Use copious amounts of chemicals inside buildings and homes, on furniture, in producing our foods, pump chemicals into waterways, the air and bury them underground and we are going to reach a point of no return in terms of the toxic load us and the environment can withstand. Make kids sit in classrooms all day and sit them in front of the TV all evening and you’ll soon end up with unfit, unhealthy children losing their zest for life. 

To us, the world that we now find ourselves in, with ever increasing levels of diseases such as cancer, autism, allergies, asthma, eczema, dementia, parkinson’s, epilepsy, etc was an inevitable outcome of the choices we have all been making for a very long time. 

Make life too comfortable and you end up creating people that can’t cope with uncomfortable challenges. Make pain relief and anti-depressants a cultural norm, by normalizing chronic pain and mental health issues and you create a society of people that don’t stop to really ask WHY are we all in pain? Make social media addictive and create cheap and easy to access entertainment and you create a culture of people that are able to distract themselves from the more uncomfortable aspects of life, or from having the space to think more deeply about things. We fortify foods with added nutrients and make vitamins and supplements the norm and no-one stops to think WHY the heck do we have to add extra vitamins and nutrients to our food….why doesn’t food already contain the nutrients we need??

Whilst we have been aware of the many seemingly inevitable effects of all of our choices for some time and are braced for what is likely to come, it doesn’t make it any easier for us. 

David and I have always been surrounded by people that tell us we have harsh inner critics, that we are too hard on ourselves, but let me tell you, we are nowhere near hard enough on ourselves! Paradoxically we totally accept that we are a work in progress and that we can only ever do what we know to do. You can’t make yourself think what you don’t already think, you don’t know what you don’t know. Our saving grace has always been knowing that when the student of life is truly ready, they will be introduced to the greatest teacher of all….real life. Granted, real life is not always pretty, there are monsters lurking in the murky waters, but a life of denial is a life paralyzed by fear and that is no life at all. 

For years David and I have been offering our characteristically abrupt judgements, delivered from a place of deep compassion in connection with real life and for years people have benefited only when they were finally able (and willing) to hear it. 

The world we find ourselves living in is out of balance. We are in the 6th mass extinction, at the hands of human ignorance and still most people are oblivious to the need to think and act responsibly. Those rebelling against hierarchy and inequality are not taking responsibility for themselves and thus they have no power to effect any real change. Institutional change only follows individual change on the ground, not the other way around. 

David and I have created Fourthguides to encourage individual responsibility, for gathering around and supporting individuals, businesses and organisations that are actively creating solutions and ways forward to create a more balanced world. We are getting behind those that wish to step into personal responsibility and helping them to succeed. We bring to the table an edgy dynamic, the capacity to see potential ways forward, to utilise judgement, discernment and compassion in real and authentic ways and combine these with organisational skills, systems and process design, innovative ideas. This sees individuals, businesses and organisations alike leading the way right on the cutting edge where the known meets the unknown. 

David and I are envisioning a more balanced future, if you would like to help create it, then we would love you to join us in living a real and fulfilling life. 

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